Network Learning Project: Playing the Piano

Photo Credits:  Chelsey Politte

Photo Taken By: Chelsey Politte

For my Networked Learning Project I struggled somewhat choosing just one thing that I wanted to learn.  After weighing my options, I knew wakeboarding in the middle of October may not be the wisest choice although entertaining for spectators, cooking would never work because I’d never be able to put my love of food aside long enough to decide on just one dish to prepare, and although there are plenty of YouTube videos and help forums regarding aviation online, I would never convince my dad to let me jump in the cockpit of his airplane (even though I could definitely argue the case of using it for educational purposes) without a pilot’s license.

Finally, I have decided to learn how to play “You Are My Sunshine” on the piano.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano.  My inspiration regarding song choice for this as my Networked Learning Project was my late grandmother. It was one of her very favorite songs.  Her and my grandfather, along with the rest of my large extended family would sing “You Are My Sunshine” together all the time.  It was the last song we sang together before she passed away.  My grandparents, who were both born into musical families and who raised a musical family of their own, always encouraged me to sing.  I told them, however, that I got the short end of the stick when it came to musical ability.  It seemed as though I was destined to be musically gifted, but it was obvious that God ran out of musical talent when it came to my turn in the serving line.  My grandparents knew that was alright though, because I was gifted in other ways.  They still made comments like “We could always use an accompanist.  You could always learn to play the piano.  Chelsey, I bet you would make a great pianist.  You could play right along with the rest of us singing.”

Although I thoroughly enjoy listening to music and listening to my family sing as well, the extent of my musical abilities go no further than learning to read music in elementary music class and middle school band as I attempted to play the flute.  That attempt of which, turned out to be very short lived.  I always had learning to play the piano on my endless list of things to do, but never made time to enroll in lessons and discipline myself enough to attend them weekly.

With very little music experience, and absolutely zero experience with the piano, other than watching my younger sister’s recital performances, I have decided to learn at least one song, “You Are My Sunshine” and dedicate my final product to my grandparents, as well as checking a skill that I’ve always wanted to learn, off of that endless “to do” list that, before, served as my road block.

I’ve already found a variety of YouTube videos for teaching oneself how to play “You Are My Sunshine” ranging from easy to more difficult versions.  I’m anxious to sit down at the piano with my newly discovered knowledge and my iPad as my guide to begin learning to play!  Wish me luck!

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