Network Learning Project: Blog Post #3


The Network Learning Project is going very well as a whole.  Although my progress isn’t going as quickly as I’d like, I am still progressing, which is a step in the right direction.  I can play both the left hand part and the right hand part nearly error free on a good day, but struggle at times hitting a wrong note here or there.  The biggest struggle has been putting both hands together.  I’m hoping I get to a point where that will just click after infinite times of repetition.

As I mentioned in my second blog post, I was struggling with the memorization portion of learning to play “You Are My Sunshine”.  That is still a speed bump hindering my progress this week.  I can mimic the phrases of music shown in the video tutorial, but when it comes to putting the song together holistically, it’s just not happening.  I’ve found it to be quite frustrating, to be honest.  I was able to find a fingerings chart that has helped me somewhat in memorizing the song.  Since I’ve sifted through the help forums to find this fingering chart, I do feel like it has helped with putting the song together, but the memorization is still holding me back.

I decided to show a video of my right hand part for you as a little sneak peak at my progress.  The perfectionist in me struggles putting this video up because two notes were wrong, but it’s also going to make me stronger in that I’ll hopefully see a great deal of progress by the end of the project to reflect back on.  I was much too nervous during my attempt at both hands together to video so take a look at just the melody that I have for you below!  Enjoy!

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