Networked Learning: YouTube, You Are My Sunshine


Sadly, this is the final blog post involving the Networked Learning Project I began just a few short weeks ago.  For this project, I was asked to use YouTube and help forums to teach myself how to do something, play the piano.

In the video of my Networked Learning Project, you will find that using YouTube and help forums was a success!  Through lots of research, video tutorial views, and practice, I was able to put together the melody of “You Are My Sunshine”.  I started out using three different videos that I liked, but eventually narrowed it down to one.  I used a fingering chart that I came across on, an excellent resource.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project and will continually use the things I learned from it.   I would love for my seventh graders to carry out something very similar to the Networked Learning Project to tie in to research standards.  I will encourage my students to use this approach to learning as well, due in part to the fact that it accommodates all learning styles, provides an endless supply of resources and possibilities, and promotes well-rounded individuals who seek and love learning on their own.  Technology is part of the world we live in.  Those resources are there.  We should use them in a way that benefits and promotes personal educational growth.

I’m intrigued each time I learn something new and these resources and this approach to learning make doing so that much easier. Thank you CEP810 for teaching me something new each week, but also teaching me how to teach myself new things!

learn something new


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