Remix, Reuse, Recycle Project


As we kicked off the first week of CEP 811, I was introduced to a new remixing tool and learned a little bit about the “maker culture” from another excellent video by TED featuring Dale Daugherty.  Daugherty states that we are all makers in some form or another.  Making can be everywhere, especially in education.  Some of us make concrete things, new inventions, and tools, while others make new ideas that contribute to other new tools and inventions for others to steal.    Regardless, we are all makers of some sort in a culture of making at an exponential rate.    The use of ideas of others is discussed by Kirby Ferguson‘s four part series involving Remixing.  Ferguson explains that everyone’s “new” idea stems from something someone else has already thought of, created, or invented.  That’s life.  We must embrace this way of networking, thinking, and making in order to create some of the best tools yet to come.

For this week’s create activity, we were to use Mozilla Popcorn Maker to create a remix video of our own.  This remix had to be centered upon an Ed Tech buzzword.  I chose Personalized Learning to remix.  I had never before used Popcorn Maker until we were asked to play around with Popcorn Maker this week so we were familiar with the tool prior to starting the project.  Once I was able to choose a browser that supported it  and all of the media I wanted to include, I really enjoyed it.  (I tried Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and finally Chrome, which ended up working for me.) I did, however, have some video editing experience on my side prior to encountering issues.  I have used other tools such as Photo Story and iMovie that are both very user friendly.  The most difficult of the entire process, was finding content that fit my Buzzword, that I liked and felt was appropriate for the video as well as keeping the video under the one minute time constraint.  I used YouTube videos, audio from SoundCloud, and various images.  There was so many different types of media, mostly video clips that I would’ve liked to have included, but needed to limit due to time.

I found this tool to be user friendly in Chrome and easily accessible for students to use.  I would to implement this tool in my own classroom in a way very similar to the way that I’ve used it in CEP 811, centered around a certain topic, allowing the students to creatively learn and implement whichever media types they choose.

Remixing is so much fun and I was shocked at the relationships I found between the “maker movement” and “remixing” in education.  I look forward to making more remixes via Mozilla Popcorn Maker soon.

Check out my Personalized Learning Remix video below.

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