Using Tech Tools To Find Solutions


Another semester has begun at Michigan State University and I was eager, nonetheless, to begin.  My first week’s assignment in CEP 812:  Applying Education Technology to Practice found me solving problems in my classroom with the use of a newfound tech tool.  In the screencast below, I’ve illustrated the details about the problem I’ve identified, demonstrated the tech tool I’ve chosen to fix it, and explained how and why this is going to help my students.

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  1. Hello Chelsey, I like how you describe the assignment in the beginning of the screencast. I really like the Pixton idea. I teach World Geography and think this might work for cause and effect relationships that my students struggle with as well. Thanks for sharing, great job!

    • Meagan,

      I’m glad you liked the Pixton tool! There are so many features that it offers that I simply couldn’t fit into the Screencast. I do think the resource could definitely be utilized in World Geography on many accounts. I hope you and your students enjoy! I would love to hear how you implement and use Pixton! 🙂

  2. Chelsey,
    Great job with your video! I have seen these comic’s used on Facebook and have been wondering where they come from and why they are used. I also see a struggle with teaching dialogue in the fifth grade as it is part of our curriculum to introduce punctuation to dialogue. While I don’t think the one used here is the Facebook version, I see it as a real-life tool that students could use in multiple subject areas. With it’s four easy steps and help section, I think even my fifth graders could use this and enjoy it. The backgrounds allow students to use it in multiple subject areas and it’s editing ability would make it easy for them to use. I agree with what you said about it possibly taking more than one class period to do, but hopefully in the end they would have a stronger take-away from it than a worksheet would. I think it would be awesome to have a class book of Punctuation Comic’s for them to read and look at in a classroom library. You could assign each student a specific punctuation tag and have them create a comic for it. Thanks for sharing! The ideas are flowing for my own classroom now.

    • I’m so glad you found the video and Pixton useful. I LOVE your idea to use it as a class book of Punctuation Comics illustrating punctuation in a fun way! That’s great, and serves as a resource that keeps on giving! I would love to see how you implement the tool in your classroom and hear feedback as to whether your kiddos enjoyed it! 🙂

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