ADHD and Technology


In education, technologies offer great promise for meeting the unique learning needs of all students in all classrooms or learning situations.  This week in CEP812, we were able to choose our own adventure in which we were to choose a learning disability that sparked our interest and that would relate to our own classroom.  I choose Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.   The reason for choosing ADHD is the amount of controversy surrounding the disorder in regard to the ability or inability to diagnose and treat it.  Also, a student with ADHD is a commonality amongst all classrooms across the nation.  It is one of the most common disorders amongst school-aged children in our country.  I knew of a few symptoms of the disorder, but not much more than that.

In my research, I dove in and was able to learn much more about the disorder, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and my ultimate concern, how I can help these students succeed in my classroom.  I also identified one of my favorite technology tools as an assistive technology for students with this disorder.  The Prezi below is not an original piece, but one that is accessible via the Prezi website share section.  I think it outlines much of what I found through researching, but also gives some other really great resources for students with ADHD.  After you’ve read my white paper on ADHD, be sure to view the Prezi below by clicking on the picture.

Prezi Pic

I’ve also created a screen cast of a Prezi that I use in my own classroom.  During the screen cast I explain how Prezi is a wonderful tool to use in presenting information to students with ADHD, while also allowing students with ADHD to create a Prezi as well.  Check out the screen cast below.


In addition to Prezi, the UDL Toolkit has an abundant amount of resources for students with learning disabilities including ADHD, but also several others.  Also, here is a link to a list of the 16 Best ADHD iPhone and Android Apps.

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