Wicked Problem Project


wickedIt is no secret that problems exist in education.  Some of these problems are simple, others are much more complex.  Either way, a solution can most likely be determined to fix the problem.  However, wicked problems are problems that are insolvable due to the amount of variables that factor in.  The New Media Consortium identified five major problems in education that fell under the “wicked” category.  The Wicked Problem that my Think Tank and I decided to tackle was Re-imagining Online Learning.

You can find the link to our project below.  We look forward to your comments!

Re-imagining Online Learning

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  1. Hello Chelsey,
    In a nutshell, I really like your mash-up but am not sure it matches the assignment, and your text-based discussion and infrographic are both impressive. However, I had trouble viewing the popplet, there are some issues with text being too small in different elements, and the white paper itself seems unready for review yet.
    For my detailed comments (about a page), please see this Google doc. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i5VC8aJn4-oVgJ9_Vwo7XZf2qcbl8AIPmpNrrB74WrM/edit?usp=sharing If you have trouble viewing it, please contact me and I’ll share it directly.

  2. Chelsea, I think your group did a nice job presenting your project in an organized manner. I enjoyed your mash-up–graphics, music, content. The paper was interesting and a good read. I like how you discussed that the “risks” vary from student to student. In the district I work at we have a virtual academy that students from all over michigan “attend” as well as students from our local high school. It is so apparent that each kid struggles with different aspects of online learning. For my students, time management and asking for help seem to be the biggest help in online learning, BUT those are things they struggle with in traditional classrooms, too. I am definitely a fan of online learning; intact, math teacher today because of an online math course I took in college. Nice work.

    Also, the organization of your Blendspace is way more appealing than the Smore we created, I think. We still have a lot of work to do in terms of final touches but looking back I wish we would’ve Blendspace instead of Smore…it has a more modern look to it.

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