Math Curriculum Prototype


Moving on through the design process, the next stop is the Prototype Mode.  My prototype design for my re-designed math curriculum is very simple, yet quite structured at the same time.  However, it is meant to be flexible according to the various concepts taught as well as the teaching style of the teacher.  I wanted to focus in on one week of math to see what ideas and activities I definitely wanted to include weekly, yet other activities can be swapped in and out very easily.  My whole goal was to get away from using a worksheet and only a worksheet every…single…day.  I think, by laying out the week’s activities, I’ve done a solid job of that, but I did include a day and a few other activities scattered throughout the week where students would get the repetition of more traditional drill-and-practice methods associated with the fluency of mathematics. I started by laying out the week and found myself reverting back to the format of a few of the early online courses that I took at Michigan State University.  I liked how they were formatted in that there was an introductions, learn activities, exploration and collaboration, and evaluation.  I chose to implement that into my math curriculum so that each day had a theme that each activity was blanketed under.  While the prototype is still very much in the rough draft stage, I think it’s already a drastic improvement to my school’s current math curriculum.  My re-designed math curriculum prototype is below.

Math Curriculum Prototype

download (4)

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